Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Theologically Speaking

In the comments of a friends blog a theological discussion/argument ensued over whether or not the church was just for believers. The problem is that the original post was not at all related to that discussion. One specific line out of the post became a discussion. This, to me, is a microcosm of why the Church of America, in all its forms, is failing its mission horribly. A heartfelt challenge, that was convicting, unsettling, and thought provoking about the plight of the homeless and the indifferent, segregated response of believers turned into a theological debate based on one small piece, officially losing the Kingdom minded thrust of what was said. I'm not judging, my own comment was caught up in the fray, if you will.

I'm sick of the divisions between our churches and believers on theological lines. Ever notice how most camps of theology are named after men or the works of men? I thought theo had something to do with God. The church is enslaved to addictions and secret sins, the world has dismissed the life giving message of Jesus as just another religion full of politics, infighting, and arrogance, and we would rather talk about some dead guys five points and which one or all we embrace. God offers us the amazing, indescribable gift of Grace and redemption and restoration, and instead of being humbled, full of awe and love, and living a changed life, we argue over whether or not this amazing gift was predestined or whether we're free to reject it. Okay, let me warn you, hard to handle phrase lies ahead. I heard this called "theological masturbation". I have no idea how you respond to that, but if you're offended, read a little further before you bail. While the lost, the homeless, and the marginalized wait for the hands and feet and heart of Jesus to touch them, in other words, wait for the church, the church is caught up gratifying itself with it's endless pursuit of tiny "facts" that leave it feeling superior and satisfied.

Look, I'm privileged to be around some guys who are brilliant theologians, who are pursuing truth not for some self satisfying one upmanship, but to allow that truth to set us free to live out the Gospel, to practice the ethics and ethos of the Kingdom of God. You know who you are, this doesn't really apply to you.

How long before the Church values what God values, and is forever changed by the message, the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus?


SuperMom said...

i get you dog. you are great at making the difficult more easily understandable. thanx

.......hubby of supermom

SuperMom said...

I think you said what I was trying to say...only better :-)

Thanks for the post!

Grafted Branch said...

Me! That was me! I'm the one who took the one statement and made a comment on Supermom's blog. My bad? Sorry if I swerved the discussion off topic -- no malicious intent, I assure you.

I have tried to more clearly explain my position on my blog. I invite you over to read.

I look forward to reading more of your blog as time affords. Nice "meeting" you.