Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Theology for Baby

My son was in the floor playing the other day, and I was down there watching/playing and somewhere in the recesses of my mind hoping I could get up. This morning as I drove to work I drove in silence, the radio in the vehicle I was driving doesn't work well at all. So I was thinking. I know, I know, fire away. I started thinking about theology (damn that broken radio!). I wondered why we so often refer to ourselves by our appropriate label: Calvin, Armani, Levi's, etc. I don't have a problem with using a label to help people understand something about where we are coming from, but most of the time it's like a team name, and we want our team to win. Here's the thoughts I started working around in my mind about sovereignty and free will (damn that broken radio!)

I had placed my son in a "world" I had created for him, complete with things to experience, challenges to overcome, new discoveries, and even a few dangers to avoid. I was laying/sitting in the floor, and in complete control of what was happening in his world. I wasn't moving him toy to toy, making his hands pick up a blue ball instead of an orange one, insisting he drive the little car, he was making those choices on his own. His ability to choose and experience consequence (which at his age I don't let him experience hurtful consequences yet, I intervene) did not remove control from me. He had a choice because I gave it to him, but it was his choice, and I responded to them as he made them. From my perspective, I knew the choices he was going to make, but I didn't make them for him, he still made them. Hmm, it seems that I was still "sovereign" and he still had "free will". Both existing at the same time? See, here's my deal. I know God is sovereign, but I know I have some responsibilities. I know that nothing I do can prevent God's purposes from happening, but I've been given a role in the Story and my actions matter.

I don't want to join some theological team and beat you down in a debate. Good theology is a tool that God can and does use to draw us into deeper relationship with Him, help us love others as He would have us do, and expose the vast array of insanity that the Father of Lies fires at us from every angle. I'm entering into a very significant battle in my life, again. (see my previous post) I need to trust and rest in the sovereignty of God in ways much deeper than I have to this point, and I also need to make specific choices and changes in the way I approach food, and nobody can make this choice for me. God is in control and I have choices to make. Both existing at the same time.
(deep sigh)...damn that broken radio...


LiteratureLover said...

I like that analogy.

janiners said...

that was a great way of putting the theology of God's sovereignty coexisting with our free will. i'm praying for you as you struggle through this area of your life. i'm with you!