Friday, August 31, 2007

The Lost Isle

It was once a continent, thick with growth, ever changing in color and density and length. Then, it began to look like a peninsula, as the sides narrowed in. Now, it is just a lonely island, surrounded and by itself. What am I talking about? The little island of hair that sits alone at the front of my head. I've been thinning for several years, in fact, I grew my hair out a couple of years ago, kind of one last hurrah. When it first started thinning, I had all the terrible feelings. Now, I mostly just miss messing with it. I used to grow it out, color it, spike it, just generally look for cool cuts and let my stylist go to town. For a while, although it was thin, I left it longer and styled it and it looked alright. Then, for whatever reason, more of it decided to go on permanent vacation, and it became pointless to try and make it appear thick. So, I made the move. Is there a story coming? Naah.

Ok, ok, I was giving my son a haircut. Yeah, I cut it, because the little warrior, so appropriately named, goes in to full scale battle mode when the clippers come out, and I will not subject a stylist or barber to that insanity, nor will I subject my pocket book to it. So I cut it. A couple of days ago I was trying to trim up the sides with the clippers, then use the scissors to trim the top so we could spike it up or faux hawk it, or whatever. It became a Braveheart or Helm's Deep type battle. So, I just used the clippers and buzzed his whole head. I don't mean bald, just real tight and close, which is a cool cut these days. He went from looking like he was two to looking like he was five. My wife was thrilled by that! (Read previous line with dripping sarcasm)

Well, if it's good for the baby goose it's good for the daddy goose, right? Yep, took the clippers after myself next. Geez, i hadn't seen that much of my head in a while. Isn't your forehead actually supposed to, well, stop? You know, I LOVE IT! I feel like I can run real fast, you know, no wind resistance! It takes like, 3 seconds to wash it. If I don't shower and fix it, guess what? It looks the same! Yes, no more showers! (Kidding baby, I'm all about being clean : ) )

Now, do they make clippers for your waistline?

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Coach Fore said...

Welcome, my friend, to the cut-of-least-resistence club. Of course, you're not a full member till you get the razor out.

President Matt Fore