Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bittersweet Symphony

Ah, the big one year blowout birthday week (yeah, pretty much lasted a week) has concluded. He's now got more sh..oops, that was last post, stuff than any one year old should have. "So, how is your house decorated?" "Oh, we just love the new line from fischer price, and we have accessorized so nicely with baby einstein and the fabulous thomas the tank engine stuff. Yes, that's a new scent called 'poopouri', isn't it fresh?"

I lamented a couple of posts ago how quickly this has gone by. I've realized that parenting is alot like other parts of living in a fallen world, the sweeping movements of a bittersweet symphony. You love every moment they do something new, discover something, stand up, walk three steps, say "mama" or "dada" or "bye bye", but then you realize that every advance takes them closer to the time you have to let them go. It's like the gun went off at the starting line of the parenting journey, and you thought you were walking along, sleepless, then suddenly the "track" turned into a wild slide down the side of a mountain that keeps getting faster and you can't stop it. Ugh. But, there are the moments. The smiles, the deep laughter that only a child can have, the way he looks at you with the "that's my daddy" twinkle in his eye. I love this. It's just that its, well, a little bittersweet. Then I also consider my relationship with my parents now. They haven't really lost me. In fact, they are among my very best friends. It seems there are moments to enjoy and love and live in at every part of the parenting journey. Hmm, that was the sound of a deep breath, the sigh that only hope can bring.


SuperMom said...

Bittersweet is exactly the word.

Our home has been decorated by Fisher Price, too. I was just thinking about posting that on my blog when I read it on yours!!

Great minds think alike :-)

The party was fun. My kids are still talking about that pool. Now our litte three foot deep inflatable pool is looking pretty lame ;-)

LiteratureLover said...

What a great encouragement to think about the fact that our parents haven't lost us. So even though the relationship changes it doesn't end. That is reassuring.

heartsjoy said...

It is so bittersweet. We want them to grow and have beneficial lives but at the same time want to hold them and keep them. Process of letting go...tough stuff...change isn't easy but can still be beautiful!